Left a job? Don’t forget your pension!

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If you’ve come across this, then chances are that, like many others, you’re questioning the implications of your pension plan if you ever decide to leave your job. Or perhaps you have already left and want more information on what options are available for retirement planning? How does my pension plan change when I leave […]

How to beat the Long-Term Effects of Inflation

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In 1986, the typical house price in Ireland was a modest €37,000. Fast-forward to today and that figure has skyrocketed almost 600%, now coming in at an eye-watering €275,000! To put this into perspective; if you had purchased a property for just under forty grand back then and sold it off today – your money […]

7 Ways to Financially Prepare for Parenthood

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If you’re expecting a child, congratulations! It’s both an exciting and wonderful time. With that said, it does entail adapting to an entirely new lifestyle. Consequently, if you do some financial planning now,you’ll be able to manage your money better during this transformation. If you don’t have a game plan for bringing up baby—and many […]

Company Pensions: 2 Must-know Access Options

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Many people with pensions in their company do not understand the options they have with their pension. They may not know how to access it, or they may not know what to do with it when they do. This can be a huge source of stress for people who are retired or coming up to […]