How much Tax can I Save through my Pension?

  Pensions offer substantial tax breaks and incentives, including; Tax relief on contributions – You may receive tax relief on payments at a higher rate of income tax, and you may get up to 40% tax relief on your total pension contributions. Tax free growth – Any growth on your investment within your pension fund […]

Reclaiming Pension Tax from

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Did you know you can reclaim tax on your pension? Don’t let daunt you! Do it in 5 minutes with this video guide. A pension is one of the most tax-efficient ways to save for your retirement. But what happens when you want to reclaim some of that tax back? The good news is […]

Property Purchase via Pension: a Q&A with Liberty Blue Estate Agents

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Experienced financial advisor Bernard Butler guides us through the benefits of investing in property via your pension and how to go about it. Find out if your type of pension qualifies? What kinds of property can be purchased through your pension? What the tax obligations and efficiencies are? and what steps need to be taken […]

Critical illness protection: how does it play out in reality?

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Specified Serious Illness Cover is best considered as a life policy whilst you remain alive!….it is a living benefit. Thankfully, with medical advancements we are all living longer, however we are getting sicker along the way, previously these may have went untreated until too late. Illness Cover is designed to give you a tax free […]

Tackling Outstanding Debts: the one simple trick

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Wanting to tackle some outstanding debt quicker?💳 We see too many people trying to clear everything at once. This approach can often be demotivating, and leave you feeling snowed under. Instead.. think snow balls! ☃ Start small.. Build momentum as you go.. Clearing one piece at a time. You WILL get there. We speak more […]

Think insurance doesn’t pay out? See the 2022 Payments and Claims Statistics

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There is a common misconception that insurance companies don’t pay out on claims, especially when it comes to life insurance. This myth can deter people from seeking the protection they need for themselves and their families. In this blog post, we will debunk this myth by examining the facts and sharing the truth about life […]

Directors Retirement: PRSAs v Executive Pensions

Enjoying retirement The changing Pension Landscape Prior to the passing of the Finance Act 2022, the main structure considered by Company Directors to fund for their Retirement was an “Executive Pension Policy (EPP)” this was due to the level of contributions that could be made by their company on their behalf when compared to a “Personal […]

Is it better to save for the future or pay down personal debts?

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We frequently get this question from our clients: “Should I save for the future or pay down personal debts?” This is a standard question with no simple solution. The ultimate decision is based on the borrower’s debt repayment plan and long-term financial goals, but don’t let that discourage us from offering you some sound guidance! […]

Financial Planning in your 40s & 50s

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How should your financial goals differ in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond ? 👩‍💻🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏖️ Financial planning is critical at every stage of life, but the strategies and goals may differ slightly depending on your age, and in the context of external circumstances. In your 30s, you may be more focused on starting to invest. […]

Financial Planning at 60+

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Thank you to all who attended our most recent webinar on Financial Planning at 60+ on the 30th of June. We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that the knowledge that we shared makes you feel more confident when it comes to pensions, savings, investing and making retirement a little […]