Financial Planning at 60+

Thank you to all who attended our most recent webinar on Financial Planning at 60+ on the 30th of June.

We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that the knowledge that we shared makes you feel more confident when it comes to pensions, savings, investing and making retirement a little sweeter!

There have been so many requests over the last week for the playback so that you can watch it back or for people that couldn’t attend, so, here it is!

Whether you need to retrace an old pension, review your options or just get started, Riordan Financial are here to help.

There are often a number of things that go on either within or outside of your personal circumstances, that have the potential to impact your pension and the decisions you make about it.

We would urge everyone who hasn’t booked in for a yearly review with the Riordan Financial team to book in for one today.