If we die

What happens our loved ones if we die unexpectedly?

We all desire a long, interesting, and productive life, and we wish to see our children flourish into happy, successful young adults. The future, on the other hand, holds no promises. A variety of factors impact both our own lives as well as those of our children in the future.

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Catastrophic Events

The unexpected death of a family member is one of the most devastating consequences on a family. This places a huge amount of emotional strain on the whole family as they try to comprehend their loss. In addition to this emotional trauma, there is often financial stress that follows in the months and years after the bereaved was a major source of income for the household
In addition to this emotional impact is the sometimes forgotten financial stress this can bring in the months and years that follow, where the bereaved was a significant contributor to the household finances.

Continuing costs regardless

Consider if one salary alone would be enough to cover all of the anticipated expenses in the future. Here are just a few examples, but you’ll have a lot more
Is it possible for your family to continue to enjoy life and achieve its goals, even if the worst were to happen to you?

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a form of financial protection for survivors. It provides a single tax-free lump payment to the individual who would benefit from the policy (usually a spouse) in the event of an insured person’s death. This amount should be enough to cover your household expenses, including schooling and keeping your family through until your children turn 25.
Life Assurance is frequently purchased alongside Specified Illness coverage because a serious disease may sometimes lead to death. It’s also more affordable to insure sickness and death together than separately.