If You Get Sick

How do we make ends meet if we become really sick?

Life is a never-ending series of ups and downs, joyful events and difficult challenges. When things are going well, we want to have people around us who can share those moments with us, and when things get tough, we want the reassurance that things will improve.
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Out of action

One of the most difficult problems we can face is being struck down with a critical disease that renders us incapacitated for an extended period of time. Everything from work to leisure must be put on hold while we confront what may be our life’s challenge.

We’ll be able to get paid sick leave from our job, or social welfare if it’s a lengthy absence, but not all businesses follow the same policies and not everyone is eligible for social welfare benefits.

Continuing costs regardless

The problem with that is that everything can’t be stopped. Mortgage Payments, Childcare, Housekeeping Costs, and Other Necessities must all be met.

Depending on your condition, you may even encounter additional expenses that aren’t covered by health insurance, such as modifications to help us live in a new normal. What if you’re sicker than your employer’s coverage for illness benefits (if they have one)?

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How can you ensure that you and your family are able to focus full-time on fighting a disease without having to worry about financial difficulties?

Specified Illness Protection

The person who stands to benefit from the policy in the case of an insured person(s) being diagnosed with one of a number of diseases is entitled to receive a tax-free lump sum. The most frequent conditions are Heart Attack, Cancer, and Stroke, but other policies cover 44 + illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, limb loss, and Parkinsons among others.

The cost of specified illness insurance is often lower when it’s purchased together with life assurance, as it provides an extra layer of security if the worst were to happen and the illness was fatal.