Lifestyle Financial Planning

We like to stand out at Riordan Financial Planning, because we take a lifestyle view in our evaluation of your financial plan. Because everyone’s life is unique, this strategy is created to fit you specifically. There are numerous moving parts to consider, which is why we utilize the most sophisticated financial modelling techniques available to model the many outcomes based on your situation.

Is money just a tool for you to be able to accomplish everything you want? Is it simply an instrument for you to use in your life’s mission, wishes, and aspirations? Every single person’s financial journey is unique due to the mix of circumstances in life as well as their objectives, desires, and goals.
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How can financial planning work for you?

Protecting your family if you die

We consider how your family will manage financially after you pass on. From day-to-day living to long-term planning for your loved ones' future.

Reassurance during a Serious Illness

We consider how you would handle if you became seriously ill. What alternatives are available to ensure that you can cover unforeseen expenditures?

Security if you cant work

We consider your job and what would happen to your finances if you were unable to work. How are you going to continue to pay your rent or mortgage if you can no longer work?

Protecting your Mortgage

If you die, most lenders demand Mortgage Protection. If you pass away, your mortgage will be canceled. We can assist you in acquiring this protection as well as the finest mortgage rates possible.

Protecting your Business

We pay attention to your company's situation, structure, and reliance on key personnel. We'll recommend the best way to prevent illness or death of important people.

Helping you save for your future

We examine your present and future goals. For example, what activities must you complete right now in order to pay for your children's education up to the third level?

Planning your Retirement

We listen to understand what sort of lifestyle you desire in retirement (how far away that may be), then collaborate to develop a strategy for attaining it.

Making your money work harder

With rates as they are now, you're actually losing money because inflation is outpacing the return you earn. We assist you in exploring additional alternatives so that you can get a greater return.

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